MOT Servicing Welding

MOT Wigan

The MOT Test is a vehicle check that is compulsory for all vehicles (including cars and motorbikes) that are over 3 years old and registered in the United Kingdom.

The test is carried out by government approved MOT testing centres, and is due 3 years after first registration and the certificate is valid for one year, after which the vehicle needs to be re tested.

If you would like a MOT get in contact with Marus Bridge MOT Centre Wigan. Our MOT Garage is easy to find once you know and at the same time an hidden gem.You will find Marus Bridge MOT Centre situated in the units at back of Netto Supermarket, right next to Sainsburys.

We also have a garage dedicated to Class 4 and Class 7 MOT in Pemberton Wigan.